Chinese Klassieke Dans Workshop
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Chinese Klassieke Dans Workshop


Op donderdagavond 19 oktober laat Anna ons kennis maken met de Chinese klassieke dans. Chinese dans is een sierlijke en expressieve stijl die elegante bewegingen, ingewikkeld voetenwerk en prachtige kostuums combineert om verhalen te vertellen en emoties over te brengen.

Traditional Chinese dance is a captivating art form that embodies the rich cultural heritage of China. Chinese dance is a graceful and expressive style that combines elegant movements, intricate footwork and beautiful costumes to tell stories and convey emotions. 

Do you want to take part in this workshop? Send us an email to reserve your spot at: 

Kosten: €15

“Movements must be fluid, graceful and pleasing to the eye. A dancer should be like a lotus flower gliding in water”

Meet Anna!
Anna is a new teacher this season at the WereldDansWerkPlaats. A Durham University Dance graduate, she has over 13 years of experience teaching dance and is proficient in various styles. She will be leading K-POP and Traditional Chinese Dance workshops in September and October 2023. A skilled choreographer, she is passionate about nurturing student’s creativity and love for dance.

  • donderdag 19 oktober
  • 19:00
  • De Vaillant